Saturday, July 7, 2012

2)Phone inquiries

Why are phone inquiries important?

If you are a sales person you know it. Just think about how much advertisement money you have spent to just get one phone call? People call you because email takes time. When people call it means in most of occasions they are in hurry. Customer in hurry tend to order more than normal customers.

So when you get phone call you need to listen what they want. An example in our business.

*Customers say they want to order 10,000 PCS of rubber charms and want them to be delivered within 3 weeks. Its too tight for us. What do you answer? Do you say we are sorry we can not make them? Then that person should leave. You should ask like do you accept partial delivery like 2,000 first and 8,000 later? Or ask them they are the end user or have end client. If they are the end user its relatively easy to complete the artwork.


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