Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Do you like take of Chloride ? I still remember the smell and taste of chloride from the cooked fish that I had in a famous Japanese restaurant in a hotel by Silom. The retruant is BBQ style and you will pick fish, vegetable and meets that you like displayed on ice by the counter. I guess they wrap and keep left over materials in cool boxes and when they do it they add chloride. It is just my guess. When I ate the chloride taste fish I thought I would never come to this place again.

Then some months ago I heard over the radio that there was a test over teenagers in Japan about the taste of sandwiches sold in convenience stores in Japan, such as 7-11s and lawsons. Teenagers in Japan did not just mind the taste of chloride but they liked the taste of sandwiches with chloride over the ones without. Will this be the same in other countries ? May be yes.

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