Saturday, May 3, 2008

1st post

I am a Japanese working in Bangkok Thailand. I have been writing my BLOG since I started my software company in Bangkok in 2006. But it is in Japanese.

As a Japanese raised, grownup and worked in Tokyo, working in Bankok makes me feel and think something everyday. So I started writing how I was amazed or impressed in my BLOG but I thought one day that all I write and read on internet is in Japanese. Internet is supposed to connect world but it is actually connecting only Japanese because Japanese are not used to reading English BLOGs and take time to read.

I stared feeling that I have gained enough thoughts from Japanese living in Bangkok by reading so many BLOGs written about Thais or Thailand from the view point of Japanese. I think Japanese like BLOGs.

Here is an example. This is a site that lists BLOGs categorized only BLOGs on Thailand. There are 291 BLOGs registered whose main topics are Thailand!! This is amazing and tells that Japanese community in Thailand is rich.

The picture below is free magazines available in Japanese supremarkets, massage shops and codominiums etc. These magazines are basically combination of news in Thailand and advertisements. But believe it or not there are about 50 magazines available!! Actually I never saw free magazies written in English or other European languages in Bangkok.

So I hope I can deliver some message that other Japanese or I have.

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