Sunday, May 4, 2008

Accounting software most used in Japanese factories in Thailand

About 50% of foreign capital factories in Thailand is Japanese factories. Those factories include small ones with around 10 employees to large ones with 20,000, which is Minebea.

You might think that most of Japanese factories own large IT department in Thailand operation. But the fact is no. It is usually true that employees less than 1,000 do not have any IT department. They might have someone who takes care of PCs but do not have employees, either Japanese from headquarter or local Thai, who takes care of any IT in factory.

It is also true that lots of factories find production management softwares in Thailand, not coping the same application from main factories in Japan or other countries. When factories in Thaiald produce same products as the ones in Japan they use the same applications used in Japan but in many occasions the products are not the same.

When considering production management software you have two options. One is to make your own application that fits just to your company or to buy a read made software, package. Though our company makes tailor made applications we believe that there are two areas where use of package application is a better choice. Accounting and production planning.

The accounting software most used in mid to large Japanese factories in Thailand is probably Accpac. Though it is widely used in Thailand Accpac ask local accounting companies for sales and implementations, which is causing some of implementation projects to fail. I was called one time by my friend saying that implementation of Accpac is taking a year and seems not to be finishing and he asked me to check the situation.

It is sometimes true that Japanese managers ask local Thai employees for implementation but can not complete. In the case above the reason of delay should be blamed to the vendor of Accpac. I was shocked when I found 2 key punchers trying to input all the past raw data, whose amount is as much as 10 to 20 books of telephone directory. 1 phone directory is 2 inch thick?

So when you are not confident on IT field you need to be carefule when you choose vendor. Please ask us for more information about Accpac implementation in Thailand.


ぐりぐりももんが said...

Do you remember me?
Saito writig here from Lamlukka, Pathum. In the company, I do not speak Japanese for business communication because of our company's eastablishment policy. I think your blog may give our staff ACCPAC useful information. As discussed with our Production system software, we are still treking for our best solution.
Best Wishes,

Masanori Kadota said...


Yes I remember Saito-san. I am waiting for your employee's phone call. I think he still did not call us.

We can discuss more on production mamagement by two of us.

Anyway thank you for your comment, which is first comment in my BLOG!

I just need to update more on this but time is tight always....

Bangken said...

Good day mate!
How'er you going? Ha ha!
I respect you for what you begin the Blog in English.

I suppose to be read your blog....if I have mach time.

By the way, why don't you take a barbie?

See ya !


burf said...

hi, i was looking for some English blogs by Thais but i found yours.

Actually I am an Indian, am in mobile telecommunications industry but I feel that I can get some good insights about being in Thailand.

Keep up the good work

Masanori Kadota said...



Masanori Kadota said...


Thanks for your comment. Thais like SNS more than BLOGs, I guess. Are you living in Thailand?

Just curious.

maggy said...

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Malee srisawadsatien said...
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Malee srisawadsatien said...

Was Minebea satisfied with local implementer of accpac and how long it take to golive . Who is the best implementer in Thailand then

John Smith said...

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