Tuesday, June 26, 2012

looking for business partner in the US

We are looking for business partner who can operate our rubber charm sales business in the US. http://hotmobily.com/

The business is to create promotional items such as keychains and coasters based on clients requirement. We have designers who can modify adobe artwork in Thailand and you do not need to spend lots of time for the art work.

We are now selling the products by the web site from Japan and have some difficulties.

1. We can not answer by phone. (We are on the other side of the globe.)
2. Sending samples is costly.
3. Answering email questions are not easy.

So now we are looking for business partner who can operate this business in the US. Best collaboration will be someone who now has SME and is looking for another products or channel. If you are interested in please contact me in the address left.

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